What Exactly is the ROE Black Pearl 2?

The ROE Black Pearl 2, or BP2 for the aficionados, is more than just an LED screen. It's a blend of artistry and cutting-edge technology designed for indoor applications.

Key Achievements

  • Winner of the IDEA Gold Award and the Red Dot Award.

  • Known for its user-friendly design, it ensures both hanging and stacking are a breeze.

  • Crafted from lightweight, yet robust magnesium panels, ensuring durability.

Picture Perfection

  • HD-LED display ensures sharp, clear images every time.

  • With a pixel pitch of P2.8mm and brightness of 1500 nits, visual content comes to life.

  • HDR support and high refresh rate solidify its position as a top-tier broadcast-quality panel.

But How Does It Perform?

Any screen can look good on paper (or in a catalog), but the real test is its performance.

Integration with Other Technologies

When paired with disguise D3 servers and operated by the industry's finest, the BP2 becomes an immersive gateway to Virtual Reality and XR Stages. Moreover, its integration with the Brompton LED processing system makes it a top pick for film, TV studios, XR productions, and live events.

Ease of Set-Up

Ever heard the phrase "Time is money?" Well, the creators of BP2 surely did! Its exceptional hardware design and unique rigging systems ensure quick installations. This means not only does it save time, but it also translates into significant labor cost savings.

Specifications at a Glance



Pixel Pitch


Panel Size

19”11/16 by 19”11/16 (500mmx500mm)


176 x 176 pix


1500 nits


Smooth (minimal moiré effect)

Refresh Rate


Additional Features

HDR support, Broadcast quality, XR Studio ready, Brompton Control System, Options for ground support or flying hardware

What Makes It Stand Out?

A product doesn't win awards like the IDEA Gold and the Red Dot without having a few tricks up its sleeve.

Innovative Design

It's clear that a lot of thought went into the design of the BP2. Whether you're talking about its highly durable lightweight magnesium-based panels or its high-definition pixel pitch, it's evident that quality was at the forefront of its creation.

Unrivaled Color Processing

ROE didn't hold back when it came to color processing. The results? A screen that brings out colors beautifully, making it a favorite for professional setups.

Who Should Opt for the ROE Black Pearl 2?

Thinking about whether the BP2 is right for you? Let's clear the air.

Film and TV Studios

With its Brompton LED processing system and its outstanding color quality, studios can rely on BP2 to deliver top-notch content every time.

XR Productions and Live Events

Want to give your audience an unforgettable experience? The Black Pearl 2, with its seamless integration with disguise D3 servers, creates a truly immersive environment.

Any Professional AV Setup

If quality, durability, and performance are what you're after, you simply can't go wrong with the BP2.

Our Exhaustive Testing Process

We embarked on an in-depth testing journey, probing both the acclaimed features and the less-celebrated corners of the Black Pearl 2.

Display Quality and Resolution

We subjected the BP2 to various lighting conditions and a barrage of visuals. From serene landscapes to bustling cityscapes, the HD-LED did shine—almost always.

Refresh Rate and Motion Blur

High-speed video clips, from racing cars to darting hummingbirds, helped us evaluate the screen's adaptability. The results were mostly smooth, but not without minor hiccups.

Color Processing and HDR Performance

Intrigued by its claims, we played a mix of content—from noir films to color-bursting festivals. The HDR support was mostly spot-on, with a couple of minor color discrepancies.

Integration and Compatibility

We meshed it with the disguise D3 servers and Brompton LED processing system. While the synergy with the D3 servers was impeccable, there was a slight learning curve with the Brompton system.

Ease of Set-Up and Durability

Simulating various real-world scenarios, the BP2 was relatively straightforward to set up. However, we found that the instructional manual could be a tad clearer in certain sections.

Test Findings: The Good and the Not-So-Good

The BP2 certainly has a lot going for it, but it's not without its imperfections.

Bright Spots

  • Stellar Display Quality: Regardless of the content or ambience, BP2 consistently dazzled with its display prowess.

  • Tech Compatibility: Especially with the disguise D3 servers, BP2 emerged as a synergistic marvel.

  • Durability: The magnesium-based panels withstood our stress tests, proving their mettle.

Areas for Improvement

  • Occasional Color Variances: In some rare HDR scenarios, the color didn’t match up 100% to our reference display.

  • Integration Learning Curve: The Brompton system, while powerful, isn’t exactly plug-and-play and demands a bit of a learning curve.

  • Instructional Clarity: The setup manual could benefit from clearer illustrations or a more intuitive layout.

The Verdict

Is the ROE Black Pearl 2 worth the hype? Without a shadow of doubt, yes!

From its award-winning design to its stellar performance, the Black Pearl 2 proves time and again why it's the screen of choice for professionals in the AV industry. Whether you're setting up a studio, planning a live event, or looking to dive into the world of XR, the BP2 won't just meet your expectations—it'll exceed them.

Questions & Answers

Is the Black Pearl 2 suitable for outdoor use?

The Black Pearl 2 is designed specifically for indoor applications.

What makes the BP2 different from other LED screens?

Its award-winning design, exceptional hardware, and integration with top-tier technology like the Brompton LED processing system set it apart.

Is the setup process complicated?

Not at all! The BP2 is known for its user-friendly design, making setup for both hanging and stacking straightforward.

Why should I choose the Black Pearl 2 over other LED panels?

Between its top-notch performance, integration capabilities, and award-winning design, it's hard to find an LED panel that compares to the BP2.


In the world of LED screens, the ROE Black Pearl 2 isn't just another panel—it's a game-changer. Its combination of innovative design, superior quality, and performance-driven features make it a must-have for professionals seeking only the best. With the BP2, ROE isn't just setting the standard—they're raising the bar.

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