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Whether you are organizing a corporate event, concert, trade show, fashion show, sporting competition or fundraiser, your event can benefit from LED video walls. With the latest cutting-edge technology, LED video panels have become more reliable, quick to setup, and more affordable.

Opting for LED video wall rent for indoor or outdoor event has got the norm because of the incredible features of almost unlimited customizable display size, superior image displaces projectors and LCD screens with LED video panels in theaters, control rooms, broadcast studios, and board rooms. In a large concert hall, massive video walls can deliver stunning images that will enliven the show.

Indoor LED Video Walls For Sale Or Rent

Indoor LED

There is no doubt that LED video displays can create spectacular environments that will surely impress your audience. Experience, technical expertise, and proper planning are essential, it is important to create an impact, we are here to help out. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information, exceptional quality service, and top-of-the-line equipment that will surely make your event truly amazing.

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How to Choose LED Video Wall

There are a wide variety of LED video screens. Choosing the right product for your project could be a challenging task and requires being informed of many technical aspects of the gear, venue and your audience. Here you will find answers that would help you to make the right choice.

Indoor or outdoor venue

Outdoor LEDs are weatherproof and generally bright enough to be used during daytime. Indoor LEDs are usually smaller pixel pitch for high definition experience.

Outdoor LED Video Walls

Outdoor LED

Temporary or permanent installation

LED cabinets for permanent installations are usually less expensive because of simplified hardware design, but they require more time and effort for installation versus rental cabinets, which are designed for quick and reliable assembly.

Screen size and pixel pitch

To determine the optimal display for a given venue and audience, several factors must be considered, including venue dimensions, media aspect ratio, and audience size. The first step is to assess the physical limitations of the space, such as the ceiling height, stage depth and width, and the distance between the screen and the first row of seating. To determine the appropriate pixel pitch, a general rule of thumb is to use 5 feet per millimeter. For example, if the pixel pitch is 4mm, the minimum viewing distance should be approximately 20 feet. In a theater with a first row positioned about 25 feet from the screen, an LED screen with a pixel pitch of 5mm or smaller is recommended. For larger outdoor installations, a pixel pitch of 10mm, 15mm, or even 20mm may be necessary, and special LED panel designs can be used to minimize the sail effect caused by wind. Additionally, there is a formula for determining the proper screen size and position. For a customized solution, please contact EncoreX.

Media resolution and aspect ratio

LED Video Walls are constructed of LED panels that come in many different sizes and shapes. Most often the standard panel size is 500x500 mm. The screen aspect ratio is usually dictated by the media type to be played and the physical limitations of the venue. For instance, if you were doing IMAG and PowerPoint presentations for your show you would probably want the screen size to be as close to the original media format as possible, most commonly - 16:9. For a stage backdrop, you may find that the best screen size for your venue should be 40 feet by 10 feet - 4:1 aspect ratio. In this case, you would want to provide the media creators with the exact dimensions and pixel count of your screen for customized media design.

Flown or ground supported screen

The first thing to consider is to calculate the proper position of your LED screen. For example, if you are planning to use two screens on each side of the stage for IMAG at an outdoor arena your perfect screen height maybe 20-30 feet off the ground thus the need for hanging points or proper rigging structure. If a screen needs to be constructed on stage behind the presenter, ground support hardware may be used. Encorex is happy to assist with planning and tech design.

Power requirements

A typical LED panel draws about 100 Watts. At 110V circuit, it is equal to 1.1 Ampere (please, check with the LED manufacturer for exact power draw). If you have a screen constructed of 150 LED panels, the power requirement is 165A.  A standard wall outlet in the US usually is rated at 15A. A power distribution box and an electrician on site to “tie off” power connectors may be needed. Check with your venue for available power and type of connections.

Which LED manufacturer to choose

Shenzhen, China is home to hundreds of companies that manufacture LED video products. However, these products can vary significantly in terms of their features, support, quality, and reliability. Encorex has invested in collaborating with industry leaders such as Leyard, Unilumin, ROE Visual, Infiled, Absen, Coleder, and Novastar, and has established strong business relationships with them. As a result, Encorex has an extensive database of products and services to offer. If you have any questions, Encorex professionals are available to provide consultation to ensure that the LED video wall you choose meets all of your requirements and needs.

The best value isn't always a matter of the lowest price. Savings made by skimping on investing in quality hardware, content, or human capital would often mean mediocre results, elevated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and poor Return On Investment (ROI).

Our experience in the field makes us a vendor of choice for public displays or events of any scale. As a Value Added Reseller with a direct connection to a carefully selected group of manufacturers Encorex will ensure to deliver exceptional experience and value for the money.

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LED Video Wall vs. Projection

LED technology provides many advantages over projectors. First and foremost LED is a direct emitting light technology, which can produce bright and vivid images viewable even under direct sunlight. Projection employs reflective light technology thus even the brightest projectors cannot compete with daylight. Panels can be assembled in a seamless virtually unlimited-size screen and operation is noiseless. LEDs can sustain the same level of brightness for over 50 thousand hours and are suitable for 24/7 operation.

A pair of 21K projectors unable to overpower daylight

But don’t rush to discard projection just yet. Projectors can produce beautiful high-resolution images in a controlled environment. DLP technology is proven to accurately reproduce color. Several projectors can be blended into an extremely high-resolution customized screen and high-power projectors can be used to display mapped images on buildings and other objects. Projectors are here to stay.

DLP technology

Our extensive knowledge and experience with display technologies allow for impressive yet efficient AV design. Let Encorex help you to choose the right technology and gear for your next project.

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LED Video Wall for Broadcast

Not all LED screens are suitable for a broadcast environment!  A number of different image artifacts can be experienced while shooting an LED screen on camera. While not visible to the naked eye, the camera sees it differently and you may see unwanted effects like line scroll, line tearing, and/or moiré effect on your footage.

A shoot-out with the use of an LED video wall has to be carefully planned. High refresh rate LED panels have to be chosen to avoid tearing and splashing, frame rate of the screen matched to the camera, Genlock connected to the cameras, playback, and LED screen controllers.

While a line scroll is easily fixed electronically, moiré is a physical artifact. Although there are methods to effectively reduce moiré, there is no easy way to completely “fix” it. LED screen configuration, pixel pitch, and physical construction of LED panels are as significant as choosing suitable camera angles, position, aperture, depth of field, etc.

Encorex engineers have conducted numerous studies of LED displays in a broadcast environment, which included trials of different LED products at broadcast studious and have developed a list of recommendations for avoiding problems related to LED screens in television and movies. Consult our experts today.

LED Video Wall Rental vs. Own

Whether to buy an LED video wall or to rent can be a difficult decision to make. An LED screen is a considerable investment. We suggest assessing the need, estimating the cost of purchase vs. LED video wall rental, and creating an action plan.

If your project is a permanent installation, you have a budget, room for storage, and perspective for repeat use, purchasing gear may be the right choice.  Once you research the gear online you may be puzzled with LED panels that look almost identical on pictures but greatly differ in price. Be aware that many Chinese marketeers are driven by low prices and often are skimpy on investing in proper production, performance, and quality control. Choosing the right manufacturer is as important as choosing the gear to project specifications that will ensure quality performance, trouble-free operation, and longevity of your investment.

We provide video wall rentals and sales, led controllers, other audio visual equipment as well as full production service. With either choice, Encorex can guide you through every step of the way.

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