• Condé Nast Media Company Conference, Brooklyn, NYC 2018
    Condé Nast Media Company Conference, Brooklyn, NYC 2018
    EncoreX Coleder Road Ready 2.9mm LED panels
  • Microsoft Inspire World Wide Conference
    Microsoft Inspire World Wide Conference
    Microsoft WWPC projection screen Christie HD20K-J
  • Gazprom Investor Day, NYC 2018
    Gazprom Investor Day, NYC 2018
    EncoreX Unilumin Upad III 2.6mm LED screen


Experienced audio-visual industry aficionados who provide premium cost-effective services for corporations, entertainment, and advertising industries in New York City and worldwide. We are experts in LED video walls, large-venue projection, stage video and media management for corporate events and live productions, as well as installations for broadcast studios, board rooms, retailers and houses of worship.

We build and maintain long-term business relationships with customers by providing reliable personalized services and technologically advanced artful project solutions. Take advantage of our ultimate cutting-edge technology services to take your business to the next level.

We strongly denounce government violence and despicable human rights violations in Belarus!

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We have executed various portfolio display projects on behalf of some of the world’s greatest advertising, corporate and entertainment organizations.

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Our professional-grade LED video walls have become the brand’s recognized flagship product. The LED core business has made our current rental and installation services the most popular. Each project customized to include technical implementation design, venue integration, installation, maintenance, and expert advice.

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Unilumin small pitch LED panels
Christie Boxer 4k30 projector


We have been among the pioneers of Digital Projection since its formation. Our vast experience with high-end rental and DCP projection allows to display your work precisely as intended by the artist and with exceptional image quality.

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Our outstanding personalized services are only a phone call away! We work hard to earn clients’ trust by sheer integrity, accurate information, straightforward strategy and value for money.

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