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COVID-19 epidemic has dramatically changed the world's orderly habits. Cinemas, a much-loved pastime for people of all ages, has come to a grinding and indefinite halt. This is why we thought it was essential to revolutionize the big screen experience, whilst adhering to the government guidelines for social distancing. Our outdoor event service is a great opportunity to entertain the masses with movies or live outdoor concerts, provide social services like outdoor meetings, drive-in graduation, or worship gatherings!

We support government measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, which is why our drive-in outdoor event experience is a wonderful and safe alternative to leisurely activities in the lockdown.  Drive-in movie theaters are also a responsible and positive outlet for the community. Our ethos is to share our valuable knowledge of the drive-in event staging, as well as provide all the equipment needed to keep the show rolling, such as projectors, LED video walls, and technical staff required. We want to encourage the use of this service not only recreationally, such as in films and TV series marathons, but also for spiritual services that have been banned due to the pandemic with drive-in church setup. The time is finally here, to come together and support each other as a community. We’ve collaborated on this cinematic renaissance movement.

Are you in need of organizing a communal gathering that adheres to social distancing rules, outdoor movie night, church service or even rock-out a concert?  Get A Free Quote now!

In terms of technology for a drive-in cinematic experience, you will need a Projector, Screen, Audio, and an FM-Transmitter. Classic films can be shown with a large-venue projector in an ambient light-controlled environment or after sunset, whereas more current blockbuster movies require a DCP projector as well as a DCP compliant media server. Copyright licenses may need to be acquired.

An LED Wall is a great alternative to the projector & screen setup. You won’t have to wait till dusk because LEDs are so bright that the video can look great even during the day. An outdoor LED wall allows for optimum flexibility in screening time, however, such setup may require additional resources and copyright licensing may present a challenge. See Our Outdoor Screen Packages

It is common to use FM transmission to broadcast the sound to each individual car stereo to allow the audience the best sound quality possible. This can be done with the use of an FM transmitter or as an alternative the video and/or audio program can be broadcasted over the Web. 

We encourage feedback on improving our services, as well as any interest to collaborate or set up a drive-in cinema experience.  Staying safe is staying happy. 

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